What is SEO?

In general, SEO is a shorthand term for “Search engine optimization.”

At the most basic level, it involves analyzing website code, internal linking structures, and URLs for the purpose of making a website more accessible to search engine spiders and web crawlers.

The ultimate goal of any SEO campaign is to increase website traffic for any domain or particular pages. For this reason, it has to go well beyond simple code maintenance and adherence to best production practices.

Beyond the Basics:

  • Content Writing: One of the best ways to generate new website content is to increase the amount of content that domain provides
  • Keyword Analysis: Not all website traffic is created equally, in fact traffic that doesn’t convert should be viewed as a cost draining available hosting resources. Keyword analysis means identifying the search phrases that lead customers to make a purchase and optimizing the website to attract these types of searches.
  • Link Building: This can be a risky business if its done wrong (think spammers) but a healthy link building campaign can bring new awareness to your brand in a way that doesn’t offend other website surfers. This part of the project typically involves link bait, syndication, and possibly a presence in social media depending on the type of products or services being marketed.

Remember though, the goal of SEO or search engine marketing is to bring in traffic that results in sales. There are few promises in the industry, and the campaign to drive online business can’t eclipse other traditional elements of marketing and advertising. This is a supplement that will work better for some businesses than others, but it can be a powerful tool that gives you the edge over the competition.