The Local SEO Advantage in Jacksonville

When it comes to search engine optimization, having a local SEO can be a huge advantage. While some firms claim to be local, it’s important to do some research in to the company and make sure they’re actually from Jacksonville.

Why is having a local SEO important? There are many reasons, but we’ll cover just a few of them today:

  • Understanding the local media market
  • Authority for Jacksonville related keywords
  • Familiarity with the Jacksonville economy
  • Ability to consult on political, real estate, and development topics
  • Knowledge of local labor markets
  • Artistic, cultural, and business connections

Results for Jacksonville businesses

If you’re trying to increase your local business in the greater Jacksonville area, you shouldn’t have to pay a national SEO company to launch a national campaign. National infrastructure is effective, but it is also extremely expensive compared to the more streamlined and efficient local approach.

Our approach focuses on the First Coast and Jacksonville metropolitan area, as Wikipedia defines it:

  • Duval County
  • St. John’s County
  • Clay County
  • Nassau County
  • Baker County
  • Jacksonville
  • Palatka
  • St Mart’s
  • Amelia Island
  • Atlantic Beach
  • Jacksonville Beaches
  • Ponte Vedra
  • Orange Park
  • Middleburg
  • Green Cove Springs
  • St. Augustine
  • and more!

We’ve all lived and grown up and done business in this area. So have our friends and family. We get it. We just know how northeast Florida works!

That means we know who the big media players are and how to get in contact with local followers on social media. We know where the local promotional pages are at, and how to get people talking and posting online about your business and website.

The Jacksonville Economy and IT advantage provides full IT and business consulting services in Jacksonville. We’ve run businesses from digital to physical, remote and on-site, and we’ve got some diverse experience in diverse fields of business. It adds up to a lot of knowledge, and we’re available to provide that extra edge when you’ve got a puzzle that needs a fresh pair of eyes.

To provide the most valuable consultations, we focus on actionable reports that can deliver immediate results:

  • Market research
  • Efficiency analysis
  • Technology optimization
  • Software automation solutions

We build traffic,

We create conversions,

We optimize businesses, too

Restaurants, Bars, Real Estate, Lawyers

Some of the most competitive SEO fields are also some of the most locally oriented. If you’re a restaurant or bar in Jacksonville, you’ll need a local audience and most of all, you’ll need insights in to how that local audience behaves online. Got a band coming to town? We know where the fans are hanging out on the internet!

We’re also familiar with local real estate and legal trends. We’re home owners and landlords, and our friends and business partners are real estate agents and lawyers. We’re good with technology, but we understand it has to interact with the professional world – the personal world. Clients in these fields have specific requirements and goals, and we understand how our online efforts can maximize the return on your investments.