Quality Content Philosophy

Content is always at the heart of any online marketing or advertising campaign launched with JacksonvilleSEO.net. That’s because we believe content is what internet users want to see. Customers won’t care if your product pages have deep links stacked twelve layers high. SEOs might be impressed, but arcane and rigid goals don’t really help the visitor unless your storefront, products, and shopping cart software are the highest quality. And if they’re the best quality, they’re going to naturally develop those backlinks anyway. That more natural profile is going to look a lot better in Google’s eyes, too.

Content, then, is the information, products, and services that are available through your website. It could take the form of a blog post, or a list, or a how-to guide. It might be text based, it might be an image, or it might even be video. Heck, why stop there? Podcasts are increasingly popular (although they’ve taken a bit of a hit this year due to fewer people commuting).

But what is quality?

Google provides some insight here as to what they consider to be good content. Since our goal as an internet marketing firm is to increase your organic and paid traffic, we’re going to pay close attention to all of these points.

  • Pages should be designed for people first: It’s great to have all of your markup and metadata so that your content can be understood by crawlers and bots, but all of that comes after you’ve created something interesting and useful for end user. There’s no secret SEO code that makes a boring blog popular.
  • Don’t be deceptive: If you’re trying to fool the customer or the search bots, you’re doing it wrong. Even when it works, it rarely works for long. Providing a good experience is all it takes to build up organic traffic that lasts for years.
  • Focus on your strengths: Every company, brand, or website project has some sort of unique perspectives and strengths. We think we can help you find them and maximize their potential!
  • Go further: There might already be a dozen – or even a hundred – competitors in your field, online. That’s OK, because you can always work to ensure your content is more thorough, more complete, and more useful than theirs. This means longer form to address more details, as well as a broad approach that covers multiple related topics.

Thorough, Original, Unique

While we write a lot of text content, we’re also eager to get our clients set up with photo and video content as soon as possible. Adding pictures of the shop and/or product adds a lot of depth that words alone just can’t convey. Video goes even further to create a connection and enhance communication potential.

It doesn’t even stop there. Sometimes the best content is a unique, custom-written piece of software. Sometimes it’s a content management system or some way for your audience to interact with your website. When the medium is online, there are few limits to the types of content that can be developed. What’s important is that the content focuses on your business or brand – and it helps you get the word out.

Traffic growth that converts

Cheap website visits aren’t worth the hassle you’ll spend chasing them down. Less reputable vendors are glad to unload their bulk traffic at low CPMs but what good is it if you overload your servers and can’t even make a sale? There’s a time and a place for mass advertising, but it’s likely that most local businesses and growth companies are looking for sales.

We focus our content creation and marketing efforts toward those traffic patterns and search keywords that indicate a high level of engagement and likelihood of purchase. Instead of just looking at total traffic, we want to compare how that traffic advances your business goals – and once again, that means sales.

Ultimately, we measure our success with yours. The more revenue and profit our services provide for you, the more you’re able to invest back in to increased marketing and promotion through us. The more we can contribute to your business’s success, the more likely you are to recommend our SEO and marketing services to a friend or partnering firm.

With 15 years of experience in SEO, our CEO has the expertise and mastery required to take on the trickiest marketing cases – and we know that top quality content can help to solve any visibility and traffic problems you can come up with.

We’ve got some plans to expand and open up some new client spots here soon, so stay tuned!