Our SEO process

Search engine rankings can be influenced by hundreds of different variables – and that means search engine optimization (SEO) can be a complex task to undertake. While many IT and technology companies perform their own SEO in-house, it often makes sense for other businesses to contract the task out to someone who specializes in digital marketing.

And if your business operates locally and focuses on local customers, it can also make sense to work with an SEO who has a large local footprint. That’s right: if you and your customers are in Jacksonville, you’ll probably want to get an SEO who is too. Each local market acts like its own search ecosystem – and having authority within that local ecosystem can make all of the difference in the outcomes of your online marketing campaign.

SEO Research

Our first step is to study the situation. Every website (and business) has unique strengths to leverage and unique challenges to overcome. We’ll take a look at the competition and see where we can make improvements to catch up and take the top keyword spots. This means market research, keyword research, and analytics research.

Website Testing

Once we’ve got an idea about customer preferences, the website’s existing strengths, and what the competition is doing, we’ll be able to implement some targeted improvements while measuring the results over time. Improvements may include on-page factors like fixing broken links, leveraging popular content, and improvements to site structure and organization. Off page optimizations may include reaching out to complementary websites and media outlets that may be able to provide showcases for your content, brand mentions, and backlinks.

Data Analysis

Based on the changes to organic traffic resulting from the above website updates, we’ll refine our strategy further to understand what’s working and what isn’t working in your particular case.

SEO Recalibration

With the results of data and testing, our SEO campaign evolves to focus on the fundamental tactics that work for your brand. If your customers are a particularly interactive audience, that might mean we focus a little more on social media. If content marketing reliably brings in traffic, that’s where we’ll put most of the effort. Over time, the SEO process starts over as we re-evaluate whether or not the search ecosystems relevant to your business have significantly changed. New competitors may pop up, search algorithms may change, and any number of new developments may change performance potential down the line. The best campaign is one that stays flexible and evolves to new information, and that’s exactly how we process SEO.