What types of Jacksonville companies can benefit from SEO?

The short answer is that just about every type of company can benefit from a good SEO strategy. Regardless of what your business does or who your customers are, it’s likely that they’re looking online. If you want to maximize the presence of your brand and increase traffic to your website, SEO can help.

What is SEO? Well, at the most basic level, it’s search engine optimization. It means setting up your website to increase traffic from search engines like Google. For the most part, it means optimizing your website so that search engines can clearly understand what the site is about and what types of problems it can solve for users. There are some basic SEO processes from keyword research, indexing audits, and online marketing that can provide a large return for a small amount of effort.

Who benefits from SEO?

The primary beneficiary of a third party SEO service is any company that isn’t already doing SEO internally. While a lot of technology and web based businesses have their own internet marketing department, that isn’t something that most businesses have in the office. Here are just a few examples of local Jacksonville businesses that can increase sales with some SEO:

  • Contractors
  • Restaurants
  • Manufacturers
  • Lawyers
  • Dentists


Jacksonville is home to many small businesses run by contractors, tradespeople, and other hands-on workers. Whether your company is cutting grass, fixing roofs, or doing plumbing work, it’s all but certain that your potential customers are online looking for your services. Do you have a website for those potential customers, and can they find it in the dozens or hundreds of results Google might return in a search? We work to make sure your brand is online and visible in a way that showcases your best work.


Restaurants also rely on internet searches to win over locals who might want to try something new, as well as out of town visitors who don’t know what local spots are good. Any SEO efforts related to the restaurant industry also needs to pay attention to the aggregator sites like Yelp – but it doesn’t stop with Yelp! For example, if you’ve got gluten-free options, we can get you showcased on special sites and apps dedicated to dietary restrictions. A good restaurant website will be rich with media that tempts potential visitors with pictures of good food and fun times.


Jacksonville has quite an economy of industrial manufacturers, as well. From the port to Phillips highway and all the way to west of downtown, there are quite a few small to medium local businesses that create critical components or fabricate anything you can dream of. In addition to our high tech and website marketing experience, we’ve also got some insights in to metalworking and other industrial products and services. We understand that other businesses are often the biggest customers, and we can set up your website and promotion strategy to reflect your biggest contracts and sources of revenue.

Lawyers, Dentists, Real Estate, and other Professionals

Professionals with small practices or partnerships are also huge beneficiaries of a successfully orchestrated SEO campaign. Many are effectively running their own small business without the benefit of a large national ad campaign. Search engine optimization allows you to focus your marketing efforts on the local market, exactly where new clients are also looking to find someone they can trust. By providing information about the professionals and the practice, we can help to build that confidence and interest in your services.

JacksonvilleSEO.net doesn’t stop with SEO

While search engine optimization is important – and probably the first step you need to ensure your new website is performing at potential – it isn’t the last step in online marketing. Between social media, review sites, and local business directories, there are a lot of ways to get the word out about your business online. Whether you exclusively serve local customers in Jacksonville, or if you’re a Jacksonville-based company with global reach, we can help you move your marketing efforts online with a steady growth of traffic. While there are no quick fixes or immediate solutions, internet marketing is a long-term investment that pays back massive dividends in the form of new customers and sales.

So who benefits from SEO? Anyone who needs more visibility and a stronger internet presence. If your Jacksonville business wants more traffic, more customers, and more sales… give us a call today and learn how we can help!