Navigating changes to business

DeSantis is calling for businesses to re-open with reduced restrictions, but do you have a plan to deal with this new normal?

This year is likely to be looked back upon as a major turning point: politically, socially, and in terms of business. While there’s a lot of motivation to get back to full economic activity, there’s also a growing realization that things will never just “go back to normal.” The sense of normalcy that the year started with is now a historical relic – something that existed once, but like all fleeting things, has come to an end.

Regulations changing daily

While we’re still in a transition period right now, the rules and regulations are quickly changing to adapt to the changing situation. This weekend, DeSantis lifted many of the remaining restrictions on bars and restaurants in the state of Florida. Many businesses claim they were not prepared for this sudden announcement – and that means they were losing out on potential sales while they sat around and figured out what their next step was. With proper political consulting in Jacksonville, your business will be well equipped to know what the next steps are – even before it is time to take them. That means time to set up and plan, and that means a competitive advantage over the rest! Our founder’s first degree is actually in political science and economics, so we’re always keeping an eye out on the larger political and economic environment when making our own business calculations. That’s also an aspect of our expertise and experience that we’re able to share with you!

The future looks bright

Despite the uncertainty, unemployment, and sluggish pace of economic activity, Jacksonville has a bright future ahead of it. We’ve been a primary destination for relocating workers, and the population is booming:

Real estate markets, in particular, are rising rapidly as new supply struggles to keep up and single family homes become more scarce as a share of the total housing supply.

That means more urban lifestyles available in Jacksonville – not just downtown, but in San Marco, Riverside, and now even the Southside, too. As high density apartments and condominium units fill up with new arrivals, businesses such as retail, dining, and entertainment will flourish with the right locations and marketing plans. Even if you’ll be happy just to see foot traffic start to return, you’ll never have to settle that when you can also promote your brand’s products and services online.

There may still be troubles and storms ahead, but those who survive the current uncertainties are likely to be the ones who cash in the biggest on the true recovery around the corner.

Adding the internet to your business changes

It’s also starting to look like 2020 will be a major turning point in the role that technology plays in our lives. Customers have become accustomed to doing more of their business and social activity online, and while there is some pent up demand for certain products, services, and events that can only be delivered in person, there’s also likely to be a long term shift toward convenience, automation, and increased delivery options.

This should not be seen as a bad thing! These new technologies provide opportunity to increase efficiency, customer satisfaction, and even sales volume. A good SEO strategy can add all of those benefits to any existing business or marketing campaign, and benefits are so great that there’s absolutely no reason to wait.

The future is coming quick, Jacksonville. Are you ready?