Businesses and organizations can benefit greatly from having a popular website, but once it is designed and published online, how are people going to find it?

How are you going to ensure that the right people find it?

Ideally, a business website should generate qualified leads through search engine traffic. Google, Yahoo, and Bing are tireless scouts that can bring your products or services to interested, potential clients every minute of every day.

While search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) serve the same purpose as traditional media advertising, the methods and cost structure can be scaled to fit a business of almost any size.

By focusing in on what potential customers are likely to be looking for, a local business can reach a bigger target audience with just a bit of time and effort. specializes in the following services:

  • SEO analysis – Analyze existing web pages and make recommendations on how to proceed in a search engine marketing campaign. Jacksonville SEO Net will thoroughly review keywords, existing content, and provide a written report detailing areas for improvement.
  • Content Optimization and Backlink Building – Provide original articles, or re-write existing content to maximize best practices for on-page SEO. Original articles can be published on the current web page, a company blog, one of my existing webpages, or syndicated with article directories to maximize backlinks. All back link campaigns are purely white hat – your website’s rank and reputation is safe with us.
  • Blog Hosting and Training – Do you want to move SEO services toward your existing in-house marketing team? Jacksonville SEO Net can install and host your blog – even help train current marketing professionals for best practices in online marketing.
  • Social Media Marketing and Management – From Twitter and Instagram to Facebook and Reddit, social media provides a powerful new way to communicate and stay engaged with your fans and loyal customers. In addition to getting the word out about sales, promotions, and other special events, it will provide you with insights in to how the community feels about your company and brand. 
  • Paid Search Management – If organic SEO is too slow and sales are needed now, we can accelerate the process with paid search on platforms like Adsense. Our strategy is to find the keywords and search phrases with the highest intent to purchase, and scale that traffic acquisition to match your budgetary needs. 
  • Content Marketing – One of the best ways to reach your customers and provide the information they’re looking for is to become a content expert in your area of business. By publishing written, video, and interactive content that informs users about your products and their features, you can increase your organic search reach as well as social media presence.
  • Media Outreach – The best backlinks come from editorial mentions from high profile and high authority websites, so we take your story straight to the news outlets most likely to publish it. 


Whether you need a complete website build from the ground up, or if you’ve already got one and it just needs more traffic, our Jacksonville SEO specialists and developers can help you out.

We’re still setting things up here, but stay tuned for additional information about our services and how to contact us for a free consultation.